10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | Part 7

on 13 November 2017, by Helga Webber

Every week, we spread 10 recommendations to promote our business.
This week did not become special. Keep 10 fresh ideas.

React quickly


  • Persistence and determination.

    Sometimes, before you reach a certain level, you have to work quite a long time to no avail. Best asset of any business – tenacity and persistence in achieving goals. Remember that every mistake is a new useful experience that will ultimately work for the benefit of your business.

  • Develop intuition.

    It is impossible to foresee all the risks. It is impossible to thoroughly calculate all the investments and indicators of your sales growth. Sometimes you have to enter an absolutely unfamiliar area with the limited visibility. Let knowledge base + intuition help you.

  • Be persuasive.

    Remember that services are more difficult to sell than goods. This is due to the fact that the services are something non-material. The potential client will not feel the service and in some cases will not manage to try it out. The person must believe in them first. So you have to learn the basics of oratory and copywriting.

  • Paint glowing pictures for the client.

    Remember that the client captures in his mind the image of the product/service you originally create. Build the dream picture that attracts him/her from the very beginning. Tell about your product as intriguingly as possible, but do not overdo it: the proposal should look credible, without any excessive eloquence.

  • React quickly.

    Be on time and do not delay the sale. Remember that if you offer the service, it is classified as an intangible thing. Therefore, do not give the client too much time to think about it.

  • Always comply with the declared quality.

    Do not advertise your services under the loud slogan “European service”. First make sure that the level of your service really corresponds to the declared standards. Improve the quality of your services all the time.

  • Be a professional.

    Demonstrate an expert level in communicating with a client who is “his own boss.” Many potential buyers are convinced that are able to do everything by themselves. Your task is to convince them otherwise. It is important to maintain the professional level in accordance with the latest requirements and trends.

  • Competently plan your time and terms of the agreement.

    Think over and comply with the terms and conditions. In case you need a contract, tell us about the core of the agreement, avoiding the boring legal details. The main thing is to fulfill your obligations within the agreed time. You can store all information about customers in the special crm-system (personal data, contacts, history of agreements and payments, copies of contracts), as well as the ordinary electronic or paper diary.

  • Be public.

    Cover your activities in the press and on the Internet. Regularly publish press releases and news in the specialized press. Conduct promo-campaigns and competitions, publish interesting statistics and the similar materials for public evidence of your expertise.

  • Help the client make the right decision objectively.

     Ask the customer what tasks he faces, and try to find the most optimal solutions. Sincerely advise your potential customer which services will be really useful and necessary for him, and which ones are superfluous or unprofitable. Do not advertise compulsively everything, otherwise the client’s rejection and distrust are guaranteed.


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