10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | Part 8

on 20 November 2017, by Sergey pavlyshko

Keep your 10 fresh ideas.



  1. The materialization of services.You need to demonstrate the material image of this service or product. You can prepare training materials, video recordings of individual pieces of work or samples of finished works. In addition, you can use medals, diplomas, certificates and certificates of quality. You can mention the experience of successful work with large well-known companies. All this will enhance the sense of benefit that the customer can receive from your product.
  2. Working with vip-clients.Among different groups of clients, select especially demanding and sophisticated consumers. They are usually more picky when giving a positive evaluation or setting up an agreement. You can attribute them to the VIP category and develop specific work strategy for this segment.
  3. Transparent pricing. The principle of price formation for a particular service/product should be clear and understandable to any customer. It should immediately tell the client why the price is exactly like this, and what affects its indicators. Give customer information about all current and upcoming promotions and sales. Also explain your client why it is better to turn to professionals.
  4. External factors and their influence. Take into account all possible external factors and minimize their impact on the final result. Discuss all the slippery moments before setting an agreement, so that the client is also aware of his/her responsibilities and obligations. Talk about things which may reduce the effectiveness of the services provided and about factors that will help to eliminate it.
  5. Transparent internal quality control. Each self-respecting company must have internal quality control. It would be good to show clients some aspects of its implementation, explain how the quality control of your work is carried out. Such transparency will certainly increase the buyer’s confidence.
  6. Unleash the illusion of the simplicity of company work. Many customers are skeptical and think that providing service/product can be easier and faster than in reality. It is difficult for them to adequately evaluate the work performed and, accordingly, the costs of all resources spent on it. Provide the clients with a detailed working plan. Describe all the stages of creating the product/providing the service with an approximate time frame.
  7. Provide the following info for your customers:
  • Detailed and actual price-lists;
  • Technical information on the production process;
  • Examples of calculations for the similar projects;
  • A memo on factors that affect the timing and quality.
  1. Take care of the client’s funds safety. Think about how you can reduce the risks of losing money to them. Remember that the clients should always be able to return or exchange the goods. When talking about the goods, you can provide the warranty period or a phased payment with the possibility of refunding money at different stages.
  2. Preliminary work with the client is an important preparatory stage before the start of cooperation. It consists of:
  • Introductory conversation and commercial proposal;
  • Detailed instructions on ordering process;
  • Clarification of the stages of service execution;
  • Discussing the most convenient payment option;
  • Answers to customer’s questions and rejections;
  • Determining the deadlines for completion of work;
  • Providing the necessary documents.
  1. Keep in touch with the client in the most convenient way. At the first meeting with the client, ask about the form he prefers to communicate and receive the news. This can be e-mail, mobile or landline phone, online instant messenger or social network.

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