10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | Part 6

on 14 July 2017, by Helga Webber

Storytelling affects brand awareness

Every week we publish 10 relevant tools for your brand promotion and tell you how to use them:

  1. Show clients what they will get in the future. Create a portfolio with sample images of your work, record video clips with fragments of your work, provide feedbacks from grateful customers and present the main indicators of your service/product quality. Expand the circle of professional acquaintances.Portfolio website design
  2. Declare your experience in the market. Share the credible feedback of your customers. Record them on video or publish short positive reviews with real photos of your customers. Specify the original task and the result. Mention participation in major projects and related activities (seminars, lectures, master classes)
  3. Describe the scheme of cooperation in detail. Explain not only the essence and benefits of the service but also the process of its implementation. It is advisable to use the method of step-by-step instructions. Offer the customer a clear plan for your future cooperation.Scheme of purchase
  4. Fast and convenient buying process. The deal should be quick and easy. Reduce the intermediate stages to the minimum, make the purchase process simple and affordable for each customer.
  5. Guarantee of your service/product efficiency. In case of customer’s dissatisfaction with the service, you can offer refund scheme. Guarantee the quality of service/product and provide additional consultations. Tell a real or fictional story from your previous experience. Develop and share your evaluation criteria and quality standards of the performed work.
  6. Set your safe conditions. Declare the mandatory conditions under which you can guarantee the 100% result because it often depends not only on the company, but also on the client. This will save you from the unnecessary claims and refunds.
  7. Ask questions. There are several pre-scripted questions that will give you the opportunity to understand what products or services are able to meet the customer’s needs. Get answers to your questions and think over the more robust tactics.
  8. Do not be annoying. Avoid unnecessary pressure and give the person time to think. If the client really needs your help, he will definitely return to you without annoying reminders. Sometimes a client needs a little more time to consider all the pros and cons of your offer.customize servcie
  9. Customize the service for a specific customer. Develop unique commercial offers for each potential client, depending on its needs. This may somewhat reduce your full list of services, but it will certainly help to establish the stronger relationship with each client.
  10. Sell the benefits, not the service features. Telling about the brand, put emphasis on what specific benefits the person gets when using your services/goods, rather than on its abstract qualities or high level of professionalism. This may sound like this: “Thanks to this service, you can [solve your problem] much more efficiently/cheaper/faster”.

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