10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | 2

on 18 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Every week we publish 10 relevant tools for your brand promotion and tell you how to use them:

1. For better brand promotion, offer the high speed and quality. Keep in mind, the customer is ready to pay when he:

  • Does not have specific skills, tools and technical knowledge;
  • Wants to get comfort, safety and confidence;
  • Does not have free time to spare;
  • Is just too lazy to do the work himself.

2. Conduct marketing researches and surveys. Try out things and swap strategies. If you plan to expand the list of your services to catch up with the competitors, first survey your customers. Ask if they are interested in receiving your services, and draw a conclusion based on your research. Avoid blunt copying. It is best to study the needs and problems of your potential audience and develop services for it in advance. This method is the most efficient start.

3. Create great brand design . This is a set of effective service characteristics, such as a verbal image, logo, picture, sound, slogan, emblem, emotional image, association or social stereotype. All that you can use to highlight your service in the mind of the potential buyer.

4. Make business plan and business calculations. What is calculated in business? First of all, this is the ratio of your invested resources to the sales volumes, which indicates a payback and real incomes. No less important is the cost of one client. That is, you need to know how much you pay for acquiring each customer, and how much revenue it brings on average. Knowing these figures, you can calculate the cost of attracting customers by the formula: “How much to spend on advertising (X) in order to get a certain profit (Y).

5.Always consider the force majeure. In the event of force majeure think through a clear action plan and response to customer complaints, soberly assessing their capabilities. You must have a very serious justification in case something goes out of control.

6. Confirm your qualification as a specialist. Present your diploma or other evidence of your professional skills, as well as all available certificates of quality. Share info about your certificates, awards and other regalia that confirm your competence.

7. Be an expert. In order to gain trust and respect of your clients, you need to form the expert image first. Remember that you are a successful person and an indicator of the product/service quality provided by your company. It does not matter who you are: accountant, builder, designer or babysitter – except for professional qualities, you must be able to present your image with beauty and dignity.

8. Visualize your service. In order to successfully promote the service on today’s market, make it deliciously visualized, tangible, in a word, material. To materialize the service, give it a stable recognizable image that will be understandable for customers’ perception. It is a good idea to put this image into the short slogan, which gets the part of your online business card.

9. Develop a simple, convenient and intuitive website that will host basic information about your company. Unobtrusive and informative website will be in touch with your regular customers, collecting emails database, receiving orders and attracting new leads.

110. The mechanism of site creation is not complex today, but it is always reasonable to trust the experts. Development and maintenance of a simple business website is not as expensive as the loss of potential customers due to the banal lack of the personal web page. If you do not have your website yet, 2Q Agency will help you to place all the necessary information about your company online and meet new potential clients.

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