10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | part 4

on 30 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Every week we publish 10 relevant tools for your brand promotion and tell you how to use them:

  1. High quality creates the word of mouth for brand promotion. Quality is the most stable and inexpensive advertising. The customer will certainly come back to you again for the quality product and service, and what’s more important, will share some impressions with his friends. The so-called “word of mouth” works. People are more inclined to trust authority figures and close friends, rather than advertising. Therefore, the real feedback of living people about the reliable and trusted company is so important.
  2. Use all types of promotion you know. Do not rely too much only on “word of mouth” and website. Learn all the available advertising platforms. Print advertising banners, flyers, business cards and other promotional materials. 
  3. Advertise your product/service on the Internet, in the print media and online magazines. One of the highly effective forms of advertising is landing page and newsletter. Record the radio adds and shoot TV commercials. Make use of the direct sales “from hand to hand”, when advertising in business centers and places where potential customers appear. Come to schools and offices of companies that are somehow related to your business.
  4. Analyze all available advertising platforms and channels for obtaining information by potential customers. When analyzing sites, pay attention to the following factors: the total price of the service; the average regional cost of the service; the potential need for your service; competition among the companies providing the similar services.
  5. Consider the relevance of your product/service for different groups of your target audience.

6. Make good old print advertising. Make quality banners, leaflets, brochures and other modern printed advertising media. Calculate how much you are willing to invest in print advertising, which will be your business card for the people living in your city, especially those who are far from the Internet.

7.Think about the effective methods of email newsletter. You can write about your new achievements, plans, promotions and discounts for your services. Moreover, in the email newsletter you can share useful tips or articles previously published on your blog.

8. Conduct surveys. A good method of marketing analysis is conducting a survey or a questionnaire. The survey can also be issued as a test. It should include questions about the customers’ expectations and is good for planning your business strategy.

9. Publish free books and digests, analytical articles and reports compiled from reliable sources. Free distribution of these valuable materials will attract a lot of new customers and increase the level of trust in your brand. Offer nontrivial books and new techniques. Share your experience and help people find new models for building successful business.

10. Publish your own periodicals: highly specialized magazines, newspapers and newsletters. It is highly advisable to distribute them for free.

Bonus: Take interviews. Take interviews from other business leaders in your area and place them in your blog. Find professional online resources, blogs or youtube channels that are relevant to your industry and offer interviews. Find other popular online magazines and offer interviews. You need to come up with something to interest the editors: an interesting business story or an outstanding personality.

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