10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | Part 5

on 4 July 2017, by Helga Webber

Conduct webinars

Every week we publish 10 relevant tools for your brand promotion and tell you how to use them:

  • Conduct webinars. A webinar is a training of public speaking skills, necessary for brand promotion. This is a web conference or online seminar. It can also be an online meeting, online lecture or web presentation taking place in real time.
  • Learn the art of public speaking. It is important to be able to present your skills beautifully and convincingly. To do this, you need to comprehend the basics of public speaking skills. You will find a lot of useful tips on this topic on the net. Train your speech and gesticulation, learn the body language. Speak in front of a mirror or the camera, perform for friends and relatives. And most importantly, practice it in front of the live audience. This will help to win the feelings of awkwardness and fear.

Use catchy selling offers and bonuses

  • Use catchy selling offers and bonuses: “Order one service, and get another as a gift,” “3 sessions … for only 200 USD”, “Spend 150 USD and get another 50 USD as a gift,” etc. The last offer is especially interesting. In fact, this is the same discount, but veiled under a valuable bonus offer. It motivates customer to come to you again, because he can’t stand losing his gift money. A simple trick.
  • Introduce gift certificates. The cost of such gift cards may be slightly lower than the entire set of products or series of services, but not necessarily lower than one standard product/service. For example, as a massage therapist, you can sell certificates for 1-2 sessions of wellness massage, but the full course of procedures requires more visits. This card will be a popular present or a subscription warming up the new customers.

Introduce gift certificates

  • Offer free trial services or demo versions of your product. Give discount for the initial phase of service (for example, the first-second session). Depending on the type of services provided, consultations, lectures, seminars, examinations, quick diagnostics, useful handouts, gift books and magazines can be free of charge. It will help a person does not buy a pig in a poke, but test your product. This will favorably affect the client’s decision.
  • Improvise! The art of successful sales is based on improvisation, so any method needs to be adapted specifically for your purposes. Some ideas may seem strange or complex, but try out them in practice. Experiment, analyze, draw conclusions.


  • Develop your own recognizable style. It is not necessary to study all the “secret methods” of influencing the client psyche or the subtleties of NLP, in order to successfully present your brand online.  It is enough to find your unique style and the way to open it.
  • Practice! Many people learn seminars and marketing courses, buy tons of books about successful sales, and seem to trample on the spot. It’s great, but you often get only the naked theory. Your task is to learn how to apply all this knowledge in practice.

Keep your promises

  • Keep your promises. Be highly organized, punctual and disciplined. The Internet market is harsh and demanding. Be on the proper level, otherwise you will easily lose the credibility of regular customers, and it will be very difficult to restore it.
  • Provide professional customer support. Nurture self-restraint, tolerance and do not get fooled by provocation. Working with clients is the emotionally tense and often conflict thing. It is important to be able to enter the client’s position and not give vent to emotions. Thus, you will prove you are professional in the customer’s eyes.

Provide professional customer support


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