How to Сome up With the Best Domain Name

on 21 June 2017, by Helga Webber

A nice domain name is a bargain for your favorite site. Since the choice is made only once, your site will live with this name for years. That’s why we want to share simple tips to make your life a little easier. Before you come up with an ideal domain name for your website, it is necessary to understand the subject matter.

What is a Domain Name and Why Is It Vital?

Domain is a sequence of letters which denotes the name of your future website. The simpler and brighter this sequence is, the better.

An ideal domain name that you may want to buy is already occupied! How do you like this turn? If you want to create a project about a window, you will notice the name has been used for a long time already. This domain might also be busy in other domain zones (, by. and so on). In this case, you have to invent something different, and there’s no guarantee that the new name will be free for purchase.

Start-ups appear every day, and every blogger is committed to have a standalone blog. As a consequence, there is a shortage of imagination to select a short, sonorous and memorable domain name. The domain name which will be associated with your business area and product.

Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time just searching for a free domain. That’s why I would advise you to become familiar with all the peculiarities of choosing a domain name, before you start to create your website:


  1. Make it simple. Do not call the site a long and boring name. After all, the shorter the domain, the easier it is to remember. The user should be able to quickly enter it into the address line and get on the project. Thus a good domain name may even raise your resource attendance. People are just too lazy to write a long title and can easily make mistakes.
  2. When choosing a domain, remember about the subject. I was going to write about windows, and called the site People who want to get financial information will not be happy to read about how to clean the window properly. They will immediately leave your resource. The domain should at least indirectly hint about what your project is. So it’s necessary to rely on the topic of your business.
  3. If the desired address is not available – there is a way! Don’t worry much if the best suiting domain name is already occupied by someone. You can correct it a little and it’s yours. How? For example, you want to name the site, it is clear that this domain was bought a while ago. But you can slightly pervert it. You can apply numbers, hyphens or prefixes to this name. Thus you will have the similar, but slightly modified domain name.
  4. Specify the real passport data during the registration. If the domain selection is completed, if it is free and fits your topic, feel free to register. Newbies are often afraid to point out their real data (name and surname, etc.) on the Internet. When buying the domain, it is necessary to make sure that all the info you provide about the new domain owner is accurate.

Why so? When your site starts to generate revenue, perhaps you will decide to sell it, but before that you will have to confirm the rights to it. If you are not John Doe as indicated in the registration data, there will be difficulties. Or if you get hacked, again you have to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the project, but not someone else.

Decided to buy a domain? Choose only trusted sites that have been working for a long time. Your money should be spent wisely. It’s not desirable to buy the domain from the unknown registrar pages which have opened yesterday. It is better to use the services of stable companies who are not the first year in the market and value their reputation.

By the way prices will pleasantly surprise you. Some offer special sales and good discounts. Thus it is better to pay once to a reliable registrar with perfect reviews, than to chase for cheapness and then lay out the blood again.

  1. Use domain generator. You can come up with the domain name yourself or you can entrust this issue to the simple service – domain generator. For example, the DOTOMATOR service was created just to give a little boost to your imagination, when choosing the domain name. It works as follows:

You choose the prefix of the desired name. For example, “Tech” or “Colors”. Then proceed to selecting the suffix. Then click on “Combine” and get a list of a huge number of suitable domain names.

If you select “Web 2.0 Words” as the prefix, and “Places” as the suffix you get the following: Babblecosm, blogcosm, mydom, riffloft … and about two hundred variants of something like that. Not bad. Here, on the website, you can immediately check which of the proposed names are available for registration, and which are already occupied.

Another service i1-wizard generates and then checks names for availability. This is a great argument to choose it.

Makewords domain generator – while generating domains, takes into account the language of the audience. It is the English-language service entirely, but very simply to understand.

After you finally select your domain name, you are supposed to check if it is occupied or not. Armed with a whole arsenal of useful knowledge, start generating ideas. Make up the best domain name for your business. And remember, it will stay with you for years, so think twice before making your choice.

Unfortunately, the domain is only the minor part of the site elements that play a role in its success. Do you really want your site to bring the good money? Then it’s important to learn the other 999 marketing elements and implement them correctly,


What do you think? Would you like to have a fancy web presentation or a stable source of income from your own website? If the answer is yes, contact our guys who will be happy to advise you at any time convenient for you.