10 Weekly Business Tips for Your Brand Promotion | part 3

on 24 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Every week we publish 10 relevant tools for your brand promotion and tell you how to use them:

  1. Write selling marketing content. Make up a short promotional text, taking into account the specifics of your target audience. This text will be your business card, so try to present your main idea as precisely and brightly as possible. It will become the basis for all further advertising messages. Consider not only the main advantages and  arguments in favor of your services, but also the needs of your potential audience. Answer the question: what do they want to hear in short 5 seconds of contact with your advertising material. 
  2. Offer the useful learning content. The most effective method of attracting hundreds and thousands of new customers and subscribers is to create your own unique video tutorial. To do this, you can record and upload short useful videos related to your service or product, and then compose them into the single topical video course.
  3. Keep a blog on your website. Share valuable and useful information that helps people understand the complex issues related to your business. Keeping the blog with series of practical advices by experts or printing specialized publications will definitely increase the level of confidence in your own skills. Regular sharing of relevant topics in email newsletters, on websites and in the media will help you gain more customers’ attention.
  4. Create the web forum. Another good method is to maintain your Internet forum, or actively participate in the relevant topics on other popular forums. But this should not turn into spam and flood. Discussions should look as natural as possible. Study the topics which are most interesting for your potential customers and expand them as widely as possible.
  5. Create a short video or slide presentation dedicated to your service/product. It can be a short five-minute film or animation, colorfully telling about the benefits of working with your company. Place it on all available video channels, on LinkedIn and on your website. Make a comfortable show room or area to display presentations in your office .
  6. Make your service available online 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Watch out for the growing popularity of social networks and other online tools interesting for your potential audience. Due to the popularity of mobile devices and tablets, online orders are getting more widespread. This is possible thanks to a variety of special mobile applications and sites. You can also develop your own interactive application.
  7. Arrange systematic training events: conferences and trainings, live seminars and virtual webinars. Share audio, video and text-based trainers, publish materials with professional advices. Open schools and master classes.
  8. When you share valuable and practical information with people, you also create an event. Write something like a book of valuable tips, unique report or a survey, similar to what you see in front of your eyes. If your material is be useful, people will apply it and remember your company.
  9. Love your client sincerely. Do your best to maximize the convenience of working with you. Offer flexible pricing, quality service and convenient scheme of cooperation. Desire to help the customer will appear the best manifestation of this love.
  10. Pay full attention to the client at all stages of cooperation. You can often see the situation when the customer is more willing to communicate only at the initial stage. You force him to make a purchase decision. When the order is finally processed, the buyer feels abandoned. To avoid this, create customer support service and hire a chat person ready to come to the rescue at any moment.

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