How Much Your Website Costs Today

on 10 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Modern website builders no longer consider just single-page projects as online small business websites, like it was earlier. Today’s corporate site is an Internet project counting from 3 to 7 pages on average. Such business websites are mainly created for making the beautiful package for products or services provided by specific companies. The other purpose of small business websites is making connections with new customers and keeping in touch with the existing ones.


Why You Might Need a Small Business Site?

The purpose of building website for small business is to present your store, company, product, or service briefly and concisely on the net. There is no necessity to immediately scale it to the corporate portal. Initially, it is enough to build a website to display basic information about your company.

What’s inside? A short description revealing types of goods or services provided by your brand, your price list, location map and contact information. This is the minimum of the necessary points to indicate on a typical small business website.

Nota Bene:

The possibilities of a business site are not limited to providing information. With the help of small business websites, you can carry out advertising campaigns and even sell some banner ads placement. This will bring you additional profit as long as your resource gets higher attendance.

Latest Requirements for Small Business Websites:

  • Adaptability for excellent display on all popular screens;

  • Compliance with the standards of the search engines (for SEO promotion);

  • Cross-browser HTML code for correct display of your business website in all browsers;

  • High load speed (1-3 seconds) for better user experience;
  • Simple and intuitive admin panel for simple editing of website content and design;
  • Sophisticated usability and smart page structure.

Most often the structure of the typical small business website comprises the following sections: Home, News, About Us (About Company), Price (Goods/Services), Gallery (Portfolio), Contacts (How to find us).

How to Calculate Price for Your Business Website?

Of course, you may try to invent a bike and build a website on your own as well as use one of the numerous online website builders. Just ask yourself if it is really worth of wasting weeks of your valuable time while making web studio create a business website is quite inexpensive today.

In order to produce high-end small business website, you need about 20 hours of teamwork performed by highly qualified specialists. It is evident that the payment of their work should not be low. The cost of building your corporate website depends on the structure complexity, amount of pages and additional functionality.

And now numbers! The minimum cost of creating professional business site among the website builders in the Russian and Ukrainian market is around 150-200 dollars. The Indian or Pakistani market is known to dumping prices, thus you will get your small business website for just $100-200 (but keep in mind that the quality leaves much to be desired). European and American prices start from 700-1000 dollars and reach tens of thousands of dollars growing to the nth degree.


Additional Expenses and Bonuses

Remember to add expenses for purchasing the domain and hosting, setting up and optimizing your hosting, creating instructions for using the site, setting up your corporate email etc. Moreover, initial SEO-Optimization will rob you for 200-300 dollars more.


Some companies offer additional services and bonuses as a bonus to the business website development. This could be filling out the pages with content, configuring contextual advertising, offering hosting, technical support, free consulting or creating the free corporate email.


2qagensy offer building unique corporate mailbox as a gift to each customer who orders business site development. The corporate email is the inalienable complement for your professional brand presentation on the Internet.

Stages of creating a website for small business

  • Data gathering and prototyping;
  • Developing design;
  • HTML coding and programming;
  • Filling the site with content;
  • Testing and supporting.


Initially, the website builder outlines the structure, then makes the prototype, the mockup layout, pages design and finally creates the fully operating version. Each stage is coordinated with the customer. After completion, the business website is tested and transferred to the server.

Adequate Cost of Hosting and Domain

.com Domains

Go to one of the popular domain providers, type the domain name and purchase it if it is available. The process is easy as ABC, but there is a significant difference in prices. .com names are usually quite expensive. You will be able to buy it from NameCheap for $10.69 and from GoDaddy for $12.99 on average.

The prices for other top level domains like .org,.net, .info, .guru, .agency may be lower or even higher than .com. You should pay attention to both the registration fee and the renewal fee which may increase. E.g. if we take a .guru domain name on GoDaddy, it may be cheaper for registration (around $30), but more costly after the yearly renewal ($40).

You may also purchase domain names on auction which works like eBay where the highest bidder gets the deal. Some domains may be on sale for a fixed price.

Realistic Hosting Prices

As soon as you select the domain, you are supposed to acquire web hosting. Web hosting prices might be super cheap (about 10 USD per month), quite affordable (20 USD) or more expensive (hosting with specific security and capacity requirements).

Cheap hosting is often shared hosting which will keep your website on the same server with other websites. Among renowned companies that provide affordable shared hosting are InMotion, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost and their affiliates.

The prices increase when you look for hosting able to run WordPress business websites. The most popular services offering hosting for WordPress are DreamHost, WP Engine, Pagely and Synthesis. The hosting fee will range from $20-$50 and reach around $400. Some hosting providers propose bonus services for the security issues, backups, and speed increase.

WordPress Small Business Website

What’s great about WordPress except for popular and user-friendly admin panel, is that it offers the vast variety of really attractive themes at quite affordable prices. You may select the beautiful ready-made WP template for your future corporate website.

There are free and premium WP templates on the web. I would recommend paying for better themes featuring the more professional look and feel of your upcoming web page.

Framework templates such as Hybrid Core or Genesis are notable for the best code and SEO options and cost about $60 – $80.

Prices for WordPress Business Pages

If you make up your mind to bind your business website with WordPress, and want to do it in studio, you can be charged around 200 USD for the homepage design + 200 USD for the coding part, and 50 + 50 USD for creating the subpages accordingly. This will help you to create completely unique and fancy custom pages for WordPress.

Besides, you should pay for the programming services like HTML+PHP for WordPress based on the completed design mockup

Pay attention to the theme support and maintenance provided regularly by the website builder. This is necessary to go with the core software updates and WP plugins updates. Make sure the studio releases regular and timely updates.


The business website is a complete online presentation of your company. When building websites, 2qagensy takes into account its further successful promotion and enhancement. You get a beautiful perfectly operating business website ready to win the hearts of your customers.

Development is based on the popular solutions that are easy to maintain and upgrade. When daring to make an order on our website, you’ll get a workable solution with the unique content and individual design, ready for further promotion in the search engines.You’ll get a full-fledged small business website. You can easily tweak design elements or information on all pages (from phone number to adding new pages). In addition, it is possible to install the necessary modules and components.

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