Why Do You Need Business Email Address?

on 13 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Are you aware that you are missing out simple and almost free opportunities to promote your business? Oh yes, now you are! Let’s examine your business email address. Take your business card. Look at your email. If you have a corporate email, you are all right, read our next article! And if you have free business email created on yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com, etc., you may face an issue. Read on to find out why it sucks.

Forget about insignificant trifles in marketing. In business everything matters. Things you may not even notice, occur crucially important for your customers. Professional Email is another small secret of big marketing.

Few entrepreneurs and business owners (especially in small and medium-sized companies) are aware that business email address

is not only the means of communication. It is the killer tool for business promotion and corporate management.


However, email can be different:

  • Free business email (personal email);
  • Professional corporate email.

It’s amazing that so many companies neglect the opportunity to make advantage of business email addresses. The number of business owners simply set up addresses for their employees on free mail services, such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com, bigmir.net, gmail.com and many others.

It doesn’t seem that bad at first sight. However, the issue is not so simple. When you get free email address for personal correspondence, that looks fine. But you should consider the fact that you immediately deprive yourself of good chances to promote your brand and manage your company efficiently.

Outwardly, professional email differs only in what your mailing address looks like.

Let’s suppose your company is called Bestofthebest Ltd. Let’s also assume that your name is John Smith.

I you decide to set up the corporate address, you will choose somewhat similar to jsmith1976@gmail.com or probably bestofthebest@gmail.com.

In other case your business email address will look like jsmith@bestofthebest.com. Technically speaking, your mailing address would include the domain name (website) with the brand name (company name) after @, instead of the name of any free off-the-shelf email service. However, this is just the first visible difference, but not the essence.

In order not to go around the bush, I will simply list the problems you may face when using the free business email:

  1. You miss the opportunity to promote the brand. You do not spread the glory of your brand and your company with the help of professional email addresses. If you had a corporate mail every time you send a message to someone, you would mention the name of your company. This is branding.
  2. You’re missing an opportunity to promote your site. Many companies have websites, but no business email addresses. This is the short-sighted strategy. If you had a corporate mail, you would tell all the recipients the name of your site already in your professional emails.
  3. You spend money and time for promoting other companies. Whenever you send free business email to someone or give your business card, you advertise mail services (gmail.com, hotmail.com), but not your company.
  4. You make the same impression as scammers. Many recipients of your letters (your existing and potential customers) may feel mistrust to your company. Many know that it is possible to get an email on hotmail.com or gmail.com for free in a very short and simple way. That’s why such addresses are often used by scammers.
  5. You look undignified. After getting to know your free address, many people will think that your company is either incompetent or old-fashioned. They suspect that you are complete noobies in modern technologies, and associatively they will decide that you have the lower quality of services or goods than your competitors who have professional emails.
  6. You miss the competitive advantage. If you possess specific business email address, and your competitors don’t, you have a significant competitive advantage (not a huge one, but still nice).
  7. You have strange, meaningless or funny addresses. Using the free business address, you are not able to choose beautiful or easily readable names before @. You are forced to create awkward addresses like ivanov.alex2765@gmail.com.
  8. You run the risk of losing your existing loyal customers. If you do not have professional emails, the staff will be accepting messages from clients to personal addresses, and thus will bind your customers to managers personally, not your company.
  9. You risk losing valuable information. When employee leaves, you cannot disable his/her email and transfer the entire archive of his correspondence. And moreover, you risk never seeing this correspondence at all in case the former employee refuses to give you the login and password to his free business email.
  10. You miss the opportunity for comfortable work. You will not be able to create convenient group addresses such as all@bestofthebest.com or info@bestofthebest.com. If you send a message to this type of professional address, the selected employees will receive the same message simultaneously.
  11. Your message will not reach the customer. Many mail systems use spam filters. And free addresses provided by popular email services and similar systems are often placed in spam boxes.

Now you know the truth and it’s up to you to decide whether you require professional corporate email. If you feel like you need a business e-mail, just contact our staff, and we will easily arrange it for you!


By the way it’s really fast and simple: already in 24 hours you will be having your beautiful corporate email. Feel free to contact us any time!