Short Guide How To Make Your Corporate Email

on 26 June 2017, by Helga Webber

Corporate email marketing solutionsCorporate e-mail is considered one the most vital means of business communication in today’s Internet. So it is vital to ensure its smooth functioning. First let’s determine the major advantages of using the corporate emails for business.


Benefits of Corporate Email:

  • Looks beautiful and professional
  • Potential client realises that he is talking to a company representative
  • Makes a positive impact on employees. They associate themselves with the company
  • Separates personal and porfessional correspondence 
  • The cost starts from 0 and reaches a couple of dollars/month.

There are two main ways to organize corporate mail: using your own server for accepting/sending emails and using a third-party service. Both of these methods have pluses and minuses, but since the major criterion is reliability, let’s consider the use of the third-party service.


How to Set Up Your Corporate Email?

The best solutions for organizing corporate mail are provided by two popular search engines – “Mail for a domain” from Yandex and Google Apps for Business from Google. Both services work in the similar way. The major steps: registration of the main account, the MX-records configuration, creation and management of the corporate mailboxes via special interface.

Both platforms are reliable, but Yandex is completely free and supports up to 1000 mailboxes (with the ability to expand if necessary), a nice interface and a simple API. The corporate mail configured by Google is not free. Google only gives a trial period of 14 days to test it for free.

The further steps are similar for any system:

  1. Confirm your domain ownership for the service with which you will link your corporate email. Google creates his own confirmation file, but Yandex needs some help. Create a file with the extension .txt (done with notepad), copy the set of characters specified on the page to the file contents, call the file respectively. Change the file extension to html.
  2. If the domain is confirmed, you will see the confirmation, and under the green inscription – the offer to add a box. Click “add”. An additional window will appear. Choose the desired user login and set the password.
  3. Redirect messages from your hosting to corporate mail. Go to the hosting control panel and set the MX server settings. Use the knowledge base of hosting (Each provider has its own customization settings). Basically, the host has ready settings for corporate mail on Google and Yandex, and you just need to select them in the drop-down menu.Corporate email for business promotion

Small Trick: How to Bind Your Email to the Gmail?

If the Yandex or other email service interface does not suit you, you can bind your corporate mail to the gmail account both for sending and receiving. To do this, you need to set up your gmail account: on the “accounts and import” tab you need to configure sending and collecting emails from other boxes.

The following parameters should be used to configure the sending of emails: username and password (login and password from email on Yandex/other service), use a third-party server for sending, server, port 465, enable ssl. To collect emails: provide login and password from the Yandex/other mailbox, server, port 995, ssl is enabled. After these simple actions you have a “powerful” Gmail interface and reliability of Yandex/alternative service.

G Suite corporate email

Corporate Email From G Suite 

See the G Suite pricing for setting up the corporate email from Google. Try the 14-day free version of G Suite or contact the sales department. By the end of the trial period, you will be able to pay by credit card. In some countries, you can also set up automatic payments from a bank account (direct debit).

What is the difference between the flexible plan and the annual plan?

Flexible plan allows you to add and remove users at any time. The fee is charged only for the services you were using, and invoices are issued monthly.

Now that you have learned how to set up your email, you can learn effective email and marketing automation systems that are provided by various platforms on the net. 

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